5 Awesome Benefits of Rainwater


Whether you want to you use rainwater for irrigation or live off it completely, there are numerous benefits to capturing that sweet rainwater. Let's go over why rainwater is superior to either well water or city water.

1. Rainwater is one of the purest sources of water that you can capture.

Precipitation is naturally distilled through evaporation prior to cloud formation and because of this, it is one of the purest sources of water that is available to us.

2. Rainwater is considered very soft compared to well or spring water.

Ground water or well water are considered to be hard due to all of the calcium and magnesium that the water absorbs from soil.

The benefit of soft water is that it helps your appliances like washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters last much longer. If you've ever seen a dishwasher that uses hard water, you'll notice the inside will develop a lovely white film. You can even see this on glass shower doors as well.

My wife has noticed that getting shampoo and conditioner out of her hair is much easier on rainwater compared to when we were living in Tucson on city water.

3. Rainwater is a natural fertilizer.

Rainwater contains sulfur which is important in the formation of plant amino acids. It also contains nitrogen which triggers the greening of plants.

One thing that people get worried about is that rainwater picks up dust from the air as it is falling. There is an added benefit to this happening as the rain picks up beneficial microorganisms and mineral nutrients from that dust.

4. Rainwater has the lowest salt content of natural fresh water sources.

This fact is more important in arid regions because there is not enough rain to wash away soluble salts out of the root zone. When you're using well or city water to irrigate your plants, you're making the issue worse by continually adding more salt.

Soils with high salt concentrations in it make it difficult for the plant absorb water and conduct photosynthesis. The great thing about rainwater is that if you have an issue with salt, rainwater will dilute it over time!

5. Rainwater is free!

One of the beautiful things about the rain is that it comes to us free of charge. Most of the world sees rainwater as a source of flooding and needs to be diverted away. But when you start to capture and use it, you'll see it in a whole new light.

While the rain is free, setting up a system to capture it and filter it is not. There is an initial cost but it is mitigated over time by not having to pay for city water or the electricity to pump well water.

Rainwater is an amazing resource, it's great for all aspects of living and is a superior water source.

Capture it, use it and you'll be happy along with all your plants!

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