From Derek 'Handeeman' Howlett:

We are living in uncertain times. Aquifer levels are dropping, wells are drying up and the need for water security is at an all time high for you, your family and business.

Whether your goal is to live entirely on rainwater or setup a hybrid system with a well or city water, I can help you with a rainwater tank and system design that will provide you with high quality water for a lifetime.

If you watch any of my projects or videos on YouTube, then you'll know that a focus on quality and craftsmanship is important to me. I want to extend that professionalism to you.

One thing I constantly tell myself is, "Let's do this right, so we only have to do it once". At Handeeman Contracting, my goal is to help you with a tank and system that will stand the test of time and supply you with clean safe water.

I look forward to hearing from you and what your goals are!

Fully Off Grid Rainwater System
with 28,000 Gallon Tank

Simple Water Filtering System

50,000 Gallon Fire Suppression
Tank for new U-Haul Facility

200,000 Gallon Fire Suppression Tank
for new Wood Pellet Facility

Important Features of an Aquamate Water Tank

20 Year 'No Leaks' Warranty

Aquamate’s ‘No Service Costs’ Pro-Rata Warranty leads the industry and is supported by over 30 years of experience choosing the correct materials to survive the toughest conditions.

Food Grade Tank Liner

An Aquamate rainwater collection tank uses a BPA and Antimicrobial Pesticide free liner. The Enviro Liner 6000 tank liner is approved for the storage of potable water use and certified to 'NSF/ANSI 61:Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects'

Steel Material Choice

Lightweight steel panels and heavy duty galvanizing make Aquamate’s rainwater collection tank shells perfectly suited for water storage. The tank panels are covered with a galvanized coating that’s 1.45 ounces per square foot (G145) – the thickest advertised coating on the market.

Collect Water From The Roof

Aquamate’s rainwater collection tanks can be fitted with their innovative “Rainsaver” gutter system, utilizing the tank’s roof to increase the catchment area for optimal collection of rainwater which is then redirected into the tank.

Standard Features

  • G145 Galvanized Coated Corrugated Steel Walls
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for Potable Water Use Tank Liner
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Roof Structure & Corrugated Dome Roof
  • 2″ Drain with Nickel Coated Metal Ball Valve
  • 2″ Outlet with Nickel Coated Metal Ball Valve
  • Foam Roof Seal for Dust and Vermin Protection
  • 6″ Overflow with Mosquito Screen and Flap Valve
  • 20″ Inlet Strainer Basket with UV Guard
  • Geomat Cushion Layer Tank Liner Protection
  • Tank Wall Moisture Barrier
  • Mechanical Level Indicator
  • Lockable Access Hatch with Removable Ladder

Optional Features

  • Rainsaver gutter system
  • Decorative facia
  • A complete range of additional and over-size fittings

Tank Sizes & Prices

Our base prices include delivery and installation of the tank within 125 miles of Benson, AZ. The prices do not include taxes, site prep costs or additional options.

Tank Size (Gallons)Tank DiameterTank HeightBase pricePrice per gallon
5,00010' 10"7' 3"$5,650$1.13
12,00017' 1"7' 3"$11,250$0.94
28,00025' 7"7' 3"$16,225$0.58
50,00034' 2"7' 3"$26,000$0.52
77,00042' 8"7' 3"$33,200$0.43
100,00042' 8"9' 6"$38,600$0.39

Why Work With Handeeman Contracting

A Passion For Craftsmanship

We take great care with anything we touch and treat it as if it were at our own home. We do things right so we only have to do it once.

Will Show Up Policy

If we say we'll be at your place on Monday, that means we'll be there Monday. If you call us, we'll call you back. Your schedule is just as important as ours, we'll keep in constant contact from beginning to end and beyond.

Personalized Levels of Service

Whether you just want a tank installed or have us do a full rainwater system install, we can work with you in any capacity.

We Walk Our Talk

Many of the employees that work with our company are already living on rainwater or using rainwater harvesting strategies at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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